Dulcey Lima | About

For me, photographing nature is a pathway to communing with the universe.  The final image is the product of how I visualize and experience the natural environment and the plants, animals, flowers, landscapes, insects, artifacts and people in my daily life.  I shoot nearly every day because it has become my way of focusing, meditating, and expressing joy and gratitude for my life.  

Creating images allows me to fuse technique and artistry in order to capture the essence of the subject.  It is my wish to create art that will have a positive, visual impact on others.  If my images can expose a small detail, provide new insight into an animal's behavior, or a glimpse into its soul, then I have created something of value.  

I have exhibited my nature photography throughout the Chicago suburbs, and my images have been chosen for the International, Juried Exhibit at Gallery 7 since 2013.  In my "former" life, I worked as an Occupational Therapist and Orthotist, specializing in designing, developing and fitting custom orthoses for children and adults with orthopedic, skeletal and neurological problems.  Nature photography is an extension of the manual skills, expertise and creativity I incorporated into providing the best possible orthotic care for my patients.

I hope you will enjoy these images of nature and the world around us!  If you are interested in purchasing any of the them, click on the image and the price list will appear for various size prints or products. If you have a few moments and can leave me a comment or have a question, please click on the contact option.  Thanks very much for visiting my site!

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